Hello, I'm Laura Byrne, the founder of Everglow Consultancy.  It is my mission to provide schools, parents, teenagers and young people with the validated tools and insights of positive psychology and coaching psychology.  This is with an aim to improve well-being, mental health and flourishing in our society.


My background is in teaching and I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, which I am completing to Master's level with the University of East London.  


It is not easy growing up or raising children in society today.  There is so much pressure to succeed in life, but there are more distractions than ever before.  Young people and families have so many important choices to make, so many life-changing decisions that it can be overwhelming to make a good choice.  More and more young people are suffering with depression, anxiety and stress and would love to learn how they can build resilience to whatever life throws at them.  


Who am I?


I love learning and I have always been incredibly curious about why people do what they do. I have always wondered why some people thrive while others fall by the wayside.   Why do some people love the work that they do while others can't wait to leave the office at the end of every day?  I love working with people and I've been exploring what makes people happy for many years.  I believe it is important to face life's challenges head on (with a little help!) I'm not perfect, I'm human just like everyone else and I'm on my own challenging life journey.


I love to help other parents and families through my coaching platform.  My own journey started because I was determined to find out how I could help my own children to develop emotional intelligence, resilience and well-being.  I then realised that if I was going to help my children, I needed to focus on my own well-being first.  My post-graduate research in positive psychology coaching combined with my experiences as a parent have led to birth of the Family Positive Psychology Coaching Platform.  I hope this platform will make a huge positive difference to the lives of many people.



Why do I care so much about helping young people and schools with Positive Psychology Coaching?



I believe lots more can be done to help young people to flourish.  We now know so much about the science of well-being, potential, flourishing and happiness, but unfortunately this science has not yet filtered through to most mainstream schools. We have evidence to show that students who receive a positive psychology based well-being curriculum greatly improve their standardised test scores compared to control groups and they also develop personally as a bonus!  


A very recent parliamentary committee report on young people's mental health states that 50% of all mental illness in adult life starts before age fifteen and 75% starts before age eighteen.  This report is recommending a greater emphasis on student well-being in future Ofsted inspections.


These shocking statistics explain why I am so passionate about offering teenagers and young people the opportunity to try scientific, evidence based approaches to discover who they are and how they could improve their well-being 


I am an affiliate member of the Association for Coaching and abide by their Ethical Code. 


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