Strengths Based Parenting Course

Most of us have the same goal as parents. We want to develop these beautiful people we have brought into the world.  We want to help them to be happy and reach their full potential in life.


But how do we do this? Where do we even start? 


We all have something called the 'negativity bias' which means our brains are programmed to focus more on weaknesses and the negative rather than strengths and the positive.  The negativity bias is there through all areas of our life not just parenting.


The science of Positive Psychology has started to show us that focusing too much on weaknesses is a mistake. We all have strengths, many of which we are unaware of, but they can be nurtured and built up to help us to cope with all that life has to throw at us.  When we focus too much on weaknesses and fixing the bad, these strengths do not build themselves and can sometimes be lost.  This 6 week course is all about building the good in ourselves and our children rather than fixing the bad.


When you become aware of your children's strengths, you are in a much better position to help them to focus on and achieve their goals.  You suddenly see things in your children that you never saw before.  Being aware of your own strengths also helps you to be a better parent.  


Benefits and Outcomes:


This course will help you to:


  • develop a better understanding of who you are.
  • develop a better understanding of who your children are.
  • understand our basic human needs and how these relate to parenting.
  • use mindfulness skills to improve self-awareness.  (Mindfulness is taught throughout the programme.)
  • develop a greater understanding of thought processes and how unhelpful thought patterns can affect emotions, relationships and behaviour. 
  • nurture your children's strengths, talents and dreams.
  • focus on your own goals, happiness and well-being.




  • This is a 12 hour programme which last for 2 hours each week over 6 weeks.
  • You will be offered light refreshments.
  • There is a minimum requirement of 15 parents to run a group.  There will be a maximum of 25 people in each group.
  • The total cost is £78, which works out at just £6.50 per hour! This includes lots useful handouts and resources for you to keep!



12 hour programme overview:

Day 1 (2 hours)

Today you will be introduced to models of well-being and happiness and we will discuss how these relate to parenting.  We will discuss basic fundamental human needs and what we can do to ensure these needs are being met.  You will then learn about mindfulness, awareness and self-regulation interventions, with an aim to boosting your overall well-being and positive emotions.


Day 2 (2 hours)

Today we will explore your awareness of strengths.  You will take a scientifically validated survey that highlights your individual character strengths.  We will discuss the results and how you can spot and build character strengths in your children.  


Day 3 (2 Hours)

Today you will explore the inner world of thought processes.  We will discuss acceptance and commitment techniques, mindset, optimism, hope and also some of the science behind stress.  We will consider how you can use many of these interventions to help your children develop their strengths and thought processes.


Day 4 (2 hours)

Today we will discuss the concepts of engagement and being in ‘flow’.  You will explore how to build on your children's interests and how to help them to manage their distractions.  We will also discuss the paradox of choice. 


Day 5 (2 hours)

The topic for today is relationships.  We will discuss communication and the impact this has on our relationships.  We will explore how strengths awareness can lead to better relationships.  You will also discover the world of self-compassion and the impact this can have on our well-being and the well-being of our children.


Day 6 (2 hours)

Today you will learn some parenting coaching techniques.  These techniques will help you to help your children set purposeful goals.  You will also find out how savouring can boost your skills as a strengths based parent.  Finally, we will discuss everything you have learnt so that you finish the programme with a clear indication of your next steps for the future!


Contact me to register your interest and discuss dates for 2017 / 2018.





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