Well-being and Character After School Club for Secondary School Students.


Helping young people to answer three fundamental questions:


1: Who am I?

2: What does the future hold for me?

3: How do I develop the mental toughness needed to achieve my goals and dreams?



The Challenge

Many young people:

  • have difficulty finding their way in life.  They may be susceptible to peer pressure and media influences.
  • don’t have sufficient knowledge and skills to deal constructively with challenging situations.
  • struggle with mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. Research shows that anxiety and depression among teenagers has increased by 70% in the last 25 years – Young Minds.
  • have a low awareness of who they are and what they want to do with their life. A recent Gallup study shows that only 17% of UK employees feel engaged in their work.  This tells us that many people are not achieving their potential.

The Everglow Solution

  • A 12 hour (6 week) after-school programme taught by a well-being and character specialist teacher. (Qualifications include a PGCE and a Postgraduate Certificate in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.)
  • The programme costs parents £6.50 per hour (£78 for the full 12 hours) and includes refreshments and tasks and interventions to try at home.
  • Schools may also decide to pay for students using allowances such as pupil premium.
  • This intensive programme can help young people develop the ability to be more in charge of their lives.


Benefits and Outcomes:


  • Greater awareness of the self and social relationships.
  • An understanding of the basic human needs.
  • Improved resilience.
  • A greater understanding and awareness of personal strengths and virtues.
  • Improved self-regulation.
  • A greater understanding of thought processes and how unhelpful thought patterns can affect emotions and behaviour.
  • A greater sense of personal freedom, autonomy and passion to pursue dreams.
  • A greater belief in one’s ability to succeed and achieve.
  • An understanding of goal setting and how coaching psychology can help people achieve their goals.
  • Well-being and happiness.
  • Performance and success.




  • I will deliver this 12 hour programme for students after school for 2 hours each week over 6 weeks (half a term).  I am happy to arrange the most suitable day and time with schools.
  • I will offer students light refreshments, with the school’s permission.
  • I will need a minimum 15 students to run the class and a maximum of 25 in each class.
  • Suitable for students aged 13+
  • I have recent DBS clearance and I am first aid trained.



12 hour programme overview:

Day 1 (2 hours)

Today students will be introduced to a simple and memorable model of wellbeing.  They will explore their basic fundamental human needs and what they can do to ensure these needs are being met.  They will learn about mindfulness, awareness and self-regulation interventions.


Day 2 (2 hours)

Today students will develop an awareness of their strengths.  They will take a scientifically validated survey that highlights individual character strengths.  We will explore strengths that have been shown to be beneficial for adolescent achievement such as perseverance and grit.  Students will set some goals for future strengths use.  At the end of this session students will have a heightened awareness of who they are.


Day 3 (2 Hours)

Today students will explore the inner world of thought processes.  We will discuss Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, mindset, optimism, hope, different types of creative and critical thinking and also some of the science behind stress.  Students will set some goals for improving their thought processes.


Day 4 (2 hours)

Today students will explore the concept of engagement and being in ‘flow’.  We will explore interests, the 20 second rule, managing distractions and the paradox of choice. 


Day 5 (2 hours)

Today students will explore relationships and the impact relationships have on our wellbeing.  We will explore relationships with ourselves, others and why we need each other for support.


Day 6 (2 hours)

Today students will learn some self-coaching and peer-coaching techniques.  Students will discuss everything they have learnt and finish the programme with a clear indication of their next steps for the future that includes happiness, well-being and success!


Contact me to if you would like to find out more about having this after school club at your school!














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