Well-being, Mindfulness, and Strengths Awareness For New Parents.

Most of the literature on parenting and well-being focuses on what you could do to improve the well-being of your children.  Parents often receive conflicting advice on what they should / shouldn't do and this can create even more anxiety in new parents. 


Sometimes we forget to realise that in order to help our children to grow up happy and flourishing, we must first help ourselves - it's like putting on our own oxygen mask before we help others with theirs!


This 6 week (12 hour) course is all about you and your well-being as a new parent.  You will learn things you will wish you had learnt a long time ago - skills such as mindfulness, strengths awareness, active constructive responding, stress resilience and lots more.  Studies have shown that when these skills are taught to parents they experience better relationships, more positive emotions, a greater belief in their competence as parents and lots more.


This course is suitable for you if you are an expecting parent, a new parent, or a parent with young children and you:


  • Are interested in the idea of thriving rather than simply surviving!
  • You feel you have lost your sense of identity or lost some enjoyment or meaning in your daily life. You might be feeling restless and a bit down sometimes. 
  • You would like to assess your values and strengths and see how these fit in with new options for a more familiy friendly career.
  • Are just really interested in boosting your well-being with Positive Psychology interventions and would like to be able to build resilience to whatever life throws at you!
  • Would like to know how boosting your own well-being can positively impact on the well-being of your family.


Benefits and Outcomes:


This course will help you to:


  • develop a better understanding of who you are.
  • understand our basic human needs and how these relate to parenting.
  • use mindfulness skills to improve self-awareness.  
  • develop a greater understanding of thought processes and how unhelpful thought patterns can affect emotions, relationships and behaviour. 
  • use interventions to harness the upside of stressful situations.
  • develop the tools to be more present as a parent.
  • develop a sense of self-compassion.
  • nurture your values, strengths, talents and dreams.
  • focus on your own goals, happiness and well-being.




  • This is a 12 hour programme which last for 2 hours each week over 6 weeks.
  • You will be offered light refreshments.
  • The total cost is £78, which works out at just £6.50 per hour! This includes lots useful handouts and resources for you to keep!



12 hour programme overview:

Day 1 (2 hours)

Today you will be introduced to models of well-being and happiness.  We will discuss basic fundamental human needs and what we can do to ensure these needs are being met.  You will then learn about mindfulness, awareness and self-regulation interventions, with an aim to boosting your overall well-being and positive emotions.


Day 2 (2 hours)

Today we will explore your awareness of values and strengths.  You will take a scientifically validated survey that highlights your individual character strengths.  We will discuss the results and what you can do to boost your overall well-being by using and developing your strengths in everyday life.


Day 3 (2 Hours)

Today you will explore the inner world of thought processes.  We will discuss acceptance and commitment techniques, mindset, optimism, hope and also some of the science behind stress.  


Day 4 (2 hours)

Today we will discuss the concepts of engagement and being in ‘flow’.  You will explore what gets you into flow and what distracts you from the things you really want to do and achieve.  We will also discuss the paradox of choice and the link between well-being and the body.


Day 5 (2 hours)

The topic for today is relationships.  We will discuss communication and the impact this has on our relationships.  We will explore how strengths awareness can lead to better relationships.  You will also discover the world of self-compassion and the impact this can have on your well-being.


Day 6 (2 hours)

Today you will learn some useful self coaching techniques.  These techniques will help you to set some purposeful goals for whatever it is you want to achieve in life and when parenting.  You will also find out about savouring and gratitute interventions.   Finally, we will discuss how your well-being will have a positive impact on the well-being of your children!


Contact me to register your interest and discuss dates for 2017 / 2018.




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