What am I likely to gain from Positive Psychology Coaching?

Every person who takes part in coaching will benefit in their own way and to their own degree.  It is my mission to provide you with cutting edge, scientifically validated tools which will help you to understand the science of happiness and well-being.  I will then explain how you can use these tools or interventions to change or improve your life.  Research has shown that when people engage with positive psychology interventions, they can reduce symptoms of anxiety and mild depression and increase feelings of subjective well-being, life satisfaction, psychological well-being, optimism, self-regulation, self-compassion, positive relationships, vitality, creativity, health, longevity and a range of cognitive skills. Coaching will also help you to feel empowered about reaching your goals.

How is Positive Psychology Coaching different to self-help, therapy or mentoring?

Positive Psychologists want to understand how we can help people to live life to the fullest.  The founder of Positive Psychology Martin Seligman noticed that historically, psychologists only really focussed on what was wrong with people.  He launched Positive Psychology in 1998 when there were 46000 studies on depression but only 400 on happiness. If humans were coins, we want to look at the other side. If well-being was on a scale of -10 to +10 then we are interested in taking people from 0 to + 10.  The alleviation of distress or mental illness does not mean that the individual is now flourishing.  As a positive psychology coach I will not be offering therapy.  Everything I share on my programmes is backed up by numerous scientific studies, which is different to self-help that often has no scientific underpinning.   I am not a mentor as I will not be offering advice on what you should do. Instead I will help you to brainstorm your options, focus on the reality and obstacles and empower you to make your own decisions to bring out the best in you.

How will the Familiy Positive Psychology Coaching Platform help to improve my well-being?

Science has consistently shown that when people engage with positive psychology interventions and coaching tools, they achieve better subjective and psychological well-being.  For example, recent research has shown that regular mindfulness practice can change grey matter in the brain associated with reducing stress and feelings of anxiety in just 8 weeks!


When you join the platform you will start a journey of discovery - a discovery of who you are and how you choose to fit into our world and the lives of others.  When you take the time to develop your self-awareness, strengths, resilience and sense of direction, you will be more equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you.  This means that when things get tough, you will have acquired the mental toughness to bounce back quicker and grow as a result of your experiences. 

"If we all did what we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." Thomas Edison.


After Thomas Edison had tried 9,999 times to perfect the light bulb and hadn't succeeded someone asked him "Are you going to have ten thousand failures?" He answered "I didn't fail, I just discovered another way not to invent the electric light bulb."


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